6 01 2008

A very Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year to all MSS members out there! We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and plenty of R&R. As we head into the Lent Term, the MSS would proudly like to present to you…*drum roll*


Due to overwhelming support for us to maintain the traditional talent show concept of MSSNite, the committee has made a decision to move away from our musical and revert to the old school!

MSSNite is an annual charity event that is hosted by the MSS. This year, the committee would like to put on a talent show with a brand new theme – “Kids for Kids”.

It’s undeniable that lurking within every teen, no matter how mature, is a big baby. Even our ever serious and ever grown-up President is known to throw childlike tantrums!

What we want to do is to bring out the inner child in you, and by doing so, we hope that we can put on such a great show that we’ll be able to raise oodles of money for other children less fortunate than ourselves.

This year, MSSNite will be held on Saturday 23rd February and the talent show will be divided into 3 categories:

·        Song
·        Dance
·        Open Category with Prop. Participants in this category may perform any act they wish (dances, sketches, spoofs, etc) as long as they incorporate a selected prop (to be announced) into their act.

Each category will be judged separately, with cash-prizes to be awarded to the winner and runner-up! So dearest members, this is your chance to shine and be a superstar! We are looking for approximately 3 – 4 acts per category, so be sure to get in touch with us quick if you are interested in participating. So if you’re even the tiniest bit interested contact the society via the society’s email or Joy (w.j.feng@lse.ac.uk). Deadline for entry is Wednesday 16th January, with auditions to be held sometime in the third week of term.

Of course, no production like this would be possible without a backstage team. We’ll be needing a hand doing all sorts, including managing props, lighting, sound, “MC-ing” and publicity! So if hogging the spotlight isn’t quite your thing, we’d still love for you to come try your hand at being a superstar off the stage! Once again, those interested should contact the society or Joy (w.j.feng@lse.ac.uk).

The committee is looking to make this our biggest and most successful event of the year (we’re even performing a little something ourselves – you guys are in for a real treat), but we know it won’t be possible without your help. So come along and strut your stuff in the name of charity! Don’t forget ladies and gentlemen, this could your road to LSE superstardom and more…